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From Within…Transcended (1992)
oboe solo and electronic tape

Notes on the Composition:

For me, riding a bicycle is a place of spiritual renewal, allowing me to find a steady stream of creativity. From Within…Transcended was written as a representation of this creative outlet. The tape part, generated in my own computer music studio, represents a topographical sketch of an undefined world: unexplored mountains rolling into deep forests growing into tranquil rivers flowing into misty valleys. The solo oboe part represents an entity floating above the abstract terrain, remarking on its beauty and complexity.

Listen to From Within…Transcended (5:09, 7.1 MB)

This recording of From Within…Transcended is by oboe soloist, Malinda Kreiser, at her performer's certificate recital at the Eastman School of Music. Tracks are in MP3 format compressed at 192 kb/sec.

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