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Doors and Windows (1998)
solo piano

  1. Prelude
  2. Meditation

Notes on the Composition:

I am often inspired to write music from either paintings or photography. I have always enjoyed finding the movement within an otherwise fixed image. For Doors and Windows, I looked to a very personal series of photographs taken by my father, Ira Yermish. One of the hallmarks of his photography has always been a recurrence of open and closed doors as well as windows looking inside and outside. This work for solo piano dives into the three photographs (pictured below) to present a very personal response to these images.

The work begins with a very short movement, essentially presenting a truncated version of the entire work. In direct contrast, the second movement starts a perpetual motion machine into action, unfolding distorted images of time and light.

∞ Listen to Doors and Windows

  1. Prelude (1:27, 2.0 MB)
  2. Meditation (16:30, 22.7 MB)
This recording of Doors and Windows is from the upcoming meta.stasis project. Piano sounds were sequenced using Sibelius and exported into Reason. Tracks are in MP3 format compressed at 192 kb/sec.

Photography by Ira Yermish.

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